“We come across this smiling stone Buddha in front of their shop. My husband and I like it so much. Finally we get it moved to our house and we put it at our balcony. Every time we sit on the Sofa at the Balcony, we see it smiling at us. It really brings us luck and happiness. We will bring it whichever country we will move to.”

— Barbara, French staying in Singapore



“Working in the marine & shipping industry, there are many occasions I need to present gifts to our cooperating companies such as new ship launch, anniversary celebrations. I searched online and found this stone carving, I carved the ship to be newly launched on the stone and presented on their big day. Everybody loves it. Another stone carving I made was for a MNC company’s 100 anniversary celebration, they like it very much and display it in their big meeting room.I highly recommend this stone carving to all my friends. It is unique and very affordable as a corporate gift.”

— James Y., Singapore

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“Thanks Rachel for producing such a wonderful stone carving gift. I give it to my sister as her wedding gift. She loves it so much that she put it at the entrance of her wedding ceremony and afterwards place it at the table beside her bed. She always says that it is the best gift she has ever had.”

— Matty, Sydney, Australia


“I was born in Singapore, but I study and work in Australia. Every time I come back to Singapore, what I must do is to bring one or two stone carving photographs for my best friends in celebration of their weddings or birthdays. They are so happy to see their faces carved onto the stone gracefully, which makes their day.”

— Srivathsan,living in Melbourne, Australia


“The stone carving is really amazing. I saw it in Singapore five years ago, and since then I have travelled to different countries, but I never met something unique like this. I carved one picture with my girlfriend, it turned out very well. We like it very much!”

— Sunil, San Francisco, USA

“I love the stone carving so much that I have become an ambassador for it. Every time I go on a business trip in Singapore, I definitely bring back several pieces of stone carving, for my lovely moose, for my family, for my colleagues. It is really nice, and the fantastic thing about it is it lasts a lifetime, and never fades over time like a regular photograph. Keep love eternal with stone carving.”

— Darrell, Chicago, USA


“I was so touched by the stone carving works, especially the one carved on the stone from a very old picture of my sister when we were young. She has died of cancer at a young age, leaving her only young daughter. Now her daughter has grown up and is going to get married soon, this stone carving will relive her mother in her memory and be with her forever.”

— Manual, Italy