Stone CarvingAbout Stone Carving:

Founded in 2000, Diao Yi Singapore strives to provide customised stone gifts, stone statues and various types of stone decorations to nature-loving friends all over the world.,

Stone carving is an activity older than civilization itself. Prehistoric sculptures were usually human forms, such as the Venus of Willendorf and the facelss statues of the Cycladic cultures of ancient Greece. Later cultures devised animal, human-animal and abstract forms in stone.,

With a long history, stone carving carries the spirit of nature and rich cultures from different times and countries. Stone itself is also an inspiration for many artists including the Renaissance artist Michelangelo.,

Diao Yi Singapore supplies all kinds of stone carvings and stone statues including lion statues, dragon pillars, human sculptures, Buddha sculptures, garden lanterns, various city and landscape carving and stone products. We customize high quality stone statues for our customers throughout the world.,

Love stone, love the world. With a loving picture carved on the stone, you keep the precious moments forever. With a lovely stone statue in your courtyard or backyard, you own a new world in spite of the rain or wind. Withstanding the test of time, our stone pictures and stone statues will be with you always and forever.